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Re: the TYKA project

Nadim Shaikli a *crit :

> --- "Chahine M. Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com> wrote:
> > Well, I gave it a second thought, and I'm triggering it. This doesn't
> > mean that this will be my only work since this is a META project, and
> > whatever work I will do for Arabeyes\TYKA will actually benefit TYKA.
> > That said, it has to start someday, and it'll take off whenever
> > conditions are met, just like it took Un*x Arabization a few years to
> > take off and a combination of factors to trigger it...
> I don't think the "conditions" are met :-)  And I caution against making
> unilateral decisions without a discussion (mohammed, isam ??) about what
> should be tackled next.

This is why I am consulting you:) That said, you also have to keep in mind my
motivational factor. I will be useless on a project that I don't like... And
I will be very effective on projects that really motivate me. Most
importantly, this is my effort, as much as I do it for Arabeyes and as much
as your opinion, Mohamed's and Isam's are important to me, I will keep the
last word for myself, just like you would keep your last word on the parts of
your personal participations on every Arabeyes project:)
Now, about TYKA, your reserve is noted and kept in mind. If this can reassure
you though, it is definitely not a project that is going to suck a lot of
efforts on the short term and whatever would be done for TYKA in the future,
would be part of Arabeyes, since TYKA would be a submetaproject:) and
whatever would be done for Arabeyes will almost certainly benefit TYKA. It is
not going to suck a lot of efforts, because like you said, the conditions are
not met yet. But the first condition that has to be is its existence if we
want them all to be met. Moe and I would never have met if Mustafa didn't set
the (defunct?) Arabhackers project. Mustafa and I might not have met if I
didn't set previously a Linux arabization project. You might not have been
here if Moe didn't set the Aunyx project. It is only at your arrival and with
Isam's later that Arabeyes met the necessary push to take off, and it took
years to reach that critical mass of will/numbers. Before it, Moe and I's
combined efforts were ridiculous compared to the work that is now done. So it
has to exist, and the future will tell.

> We definitely have some fires that MUST be looked into before going off
> on long-term projects - so I implore you to focus on our immediate needs
> and then to venture into the promise land :-)

Yes, that is what I'm going to do, don't worry:) But if a little investment
now might have big returns in the future, I think it might be worth it:)

> > Otherwise, in terms of coding proper, I am now hesitating between the
> > dict protocol thing, the bidi spec, or the gnome-terminal for a start...
> > I don't care which of these three, so I'll leave you Three to make up
> > your minds as to what is the most important and just tell me when you
> > do.
> I would suggest first and foremost the XFree86 font thing (link sent
> earlier) since its the most important pending knife-in-our-throats at
> the moment.

Okay, I'm going to check that, and I will tell you if it's a project that
pushes me to my keyboard;)