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Re: Core meetings

Nadim Shaikli a *crit :

> Guys, we are under GREAT pressure (71 emails today in 6 hours only),

Yeah, especially with my connection, that is really flocking great pressure...

> Isam, do NOT think you are left out EVER.  I think most of these thing
> were in fact discussed (I remember various emails about KDE vs. translated
> term - it was decided to go with KDE).

Nadim, this is definitely not what I remember, and this is an issue I discussed
with every people involved in the various Arabizing projects even long before
Aunyx existed, reaching more or less the same conclusion everytime (with some
minor variations), and we've discussed it again at least a couple of times
AFAIR in the frame of Arabeyes. Something like KDE should be either
transcripted or at least be given the couple Latin/Arabic writing...