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Meeting Review

After a long and exhaustive meeting, I got to thinking
about a few things regarding the time we spent on irc.

First of all, I don't think IRC is an effective medium
of communication. It is certainly nice for 'chatting',
but only when your 'chats' are not serious, and involve
more than a couple people.

Secondly, from now on we will have a 2hour limit on all
meetings. That does not mean that it cannot be shorter,
that is simply the maximum acceptable time. I think we
all agree that 3+hours is simply not tolerable.

On that note, I don't understand why we have been doing
this to ourselves ;) Did we all forget that it's OKAY
to leave an item for the next meeting? So, that being said,
the first item on every agenda will be "Old business",
and will include whatever left-overs we have (if we do).

In the meantime, we could research irc alternatives.
I like the idea of a video-conference or some kind of
way where we can talk directly to each other (voice).
Not necessarily video (although that would be neat!).

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