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Re: vim/akka

It can't run on xterm, but one of the things we'll have to do is to work on
gnome-terminal and similar terminal emulators in order to reproduce the Akka
behavior, which, technically speaking is pretty trivial (I had a look on
eterm some time ago) modulo free time.
But I don't understand why it wouldn't be interesting if it's only for text

if VIM arabization will not be a really impossible job, why not do it .. Akka does fix this problem, but with limitations, and as VIM has good i18n support, and UTF-8 support, why not do it ..
of course the work you are doing in Akka is very appreciated, but still I think that the VIM is a different project .. as there is the graphical VIM ( with the -g option) so it could serve as a graphical text editor in arabic as well ..

        Just a thought