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Mailing-List usage reminder

A reminder to all (as we seem to have an influx of new comers).

Do please read Arabeyes' handbook [1] and specifically the
mailing-list etiquette section [2].

For the impatient,

 + Please no HTML (stick to plain ascii)
 + Please no attachments (upload 'em somewhere and provide a URL)
 + Please use the email's original subject on your replies
   (to maintain thread coherency)
 + Please use proper/useful subjects - see note above (espcially
   with digest replies, etc)
 + Please site ONLY relevant sections of emails in your replies and
   please do NOT simply blindly include ALL previous emails
 + Please use English on the 'general' and 'developer' mailing-lists
 + Please use UTF-8 in all your correspondences/files/data

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/about.php

Thanks & Salam.

 - Nadim

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