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Re: Mushaf Al-Haramain

Salaam Mohammed,

From: Mohammed Yousif <mhdyousif at gmx dot net>
<<Mushaf Al-Haramain (from Al-Shamarly printing house, the very first to
print the Qur'an which gained a lot of respect from Hoffaaz that they
call it Omdaat Al-Masahef "The boss of Masaahef. If you must :-") has the
this written with a SmallAlef as a chair.
Anyway, the most accurate and correct one (w.r.t Rasm Science) would be Mushaf

You mention that Al-Shamarly printing house is the first to print the Qur'an. But you don't mean that Mushaf Al-Haramain is the first Qur'an to be printed right? Since obviously Mushaf Al-Haramain is a hand-written mushaf which would have to be printed by an offset printer and that technology did not exist in early 20th century. So if Mushaf Al-Haramain is not the first mushaf to be printed, why do you think it would be the most accurate and correct one? Was Mushaf Al-Haramain hand-written many years before it was first printed? Was it hand-written before the 1924 Egyptian printing of the Qur'an?

Thank you,