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taHreek of tanween (was Re: Volunteers for verifying the quran data)

Thomas Milo wrote:
Thanks, Nick. That's what I thought it is. Though I liked the vowel harmony
of /mühämmädü-nü r-räsûlü/...

(I think you mean /muHammadu-nu r-rasuulu/ ;)

According to Wright's Grammar, Vol. I, p. 22, /muHammadu-ni r-rasuulu/ is correct.

I found the pages in al-naHw al-waafiy: p. 43 of volume I. Two and a half pages. According to him, either kasra or damma is allowed, but a kasra is more common, except when the second following consontant has a damma too, as in

	أقدم عالمُن ُاخرج لاستقباله = أقدم عالم اخرج لاستقباله

i.e.  aqbal @aalimunu _xruj li...etc

He says some claim you can also the tanween altogether if it is followed by a Harf saakin.

Nothing about how to notate it, however.