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Re: fonts

The arabeyes_qr_meor is based on arabeyes_qr, which is based on
kacst_qr, or something like that. Basically, what I did with the font
was I copy the font face from arabeyes_qr font, then develop my own
opentype table using Ms VOLT. Since the original KACST font was
distributed under the term GPL, thus the arabeyes_qr_meor is also
distributed under GPL. I don't have much say on that.
However, the font used by the Quran PDF is not the same font. It is
develop by me, and I've not decided yet on the licensing. At the
moment, i've given the font to a few people with the statement of non
commercial use only. This font, is not part of arabeyes font yet, thus
does not have any connection with arabeyes, or any plan on arabeyes
font of not being GPLed.
I'm a bit reluctance on distributing the font under GPL for a good
reason which I think better to have a seperate discussion specific on
this topic.


On 7/24/05, Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> --- Gregg Reynolds <gar at arabink dot com> wrote:
> > I would like to make a derived font based on arabeyes_qr_meor.  The
> > licensing info in the file says it is distributed under the GPL.  I know
> > there has been some talk about non-GPL licensing for Arabeyes fonts;
> > is this license correct?
> I feel _very_ strongly that all fonts we offer should be under (L)GPL
> or similar.  I've thus asked (well implored would be more appropriate :-)
> meor to reconsider as there is a heap more benefit from his font(s) being
> open to all instead to a smaller subset.  If the idea here is to bring
> forth a "standardized solution" then whatever is decided upon (and I owe
> the list a "why these code-points email") should really be promoted as much
> as possible.  We should also remember that various distro are commercial
> vehicles that we should not exclude any of our work from.
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
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