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Re: Quran PDF generation, help needed

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On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 12:38:49AM +0200, Omar Abo-Namous wrote:
> I could post a torrent to the file for everyone on this list, who wants 
> to help proof read.

I can seed the torrent for you as well as host the files on my FTP.

> Salam.
> Omar
> Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya wrote:
> >I've tried to generate PDF files  for the Quran text many times, and
> >all of them seems to have problems generating the correct output. I'm
> >using PDF995 and PrimoPDF, both generate almost the same problem.
> >Basically, It will show that some of the glyph is missing from the
> >font by displaying the rectangular box, which is actually there in the
> >font. After some troubleshooting work, my guess is it is not the fault
> >of the PDF generation, but the Postscript generated by Windows printer
> >driver. I generate postscript files using a few postscript printer
> >driver, but all resulting the same as the PDF. PDF generated under
> >Linux is far worse, maybe I don't have the correct tools.
> >
> >However, when I generate PCL files, it seems to generate to correct
> >output. So, my guess is windows postcript support is buggy. Anyway,
> >there is nothing much I can do about it.
> >
> >So, does anyone have any other suggestion on how I can create the PDF?
> >I can assure you that this is a complex process because it involve a
> >complex font. My idea is we might be able to convert the PCL files to
> >PDF and get the correct results, but , so far only possible thru a
> >commercial program which I dont have. PDF is necessary because seem
> >like a lot of people prefer it, and thus would ease up the
> >verification process. If anyone would only like to print the quran
> >text, I can give the PCL files and you can print it directly to a PCL
> >printer.
> >
> >Wassalam.
> >
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