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Re: Volunteers for verifying the quran data

--- Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya <meor dot ridzuan at gmail dot com> wrote:
> As for PDF, the problem is the communication between me and the site
> provider, Mr Thariq. He's in Pakistan, and I'm in Malaysia. As we
> know, internet link to Pakistan still have problems, thus I can't
> update the site. (I don't have admin access yet) I will upload the PDF
> asap. If you want me to mail it to you, let me know , then you can
> upload it to arabeyes CVS.

Meor, send me (in-private) the PDFs -- I'm assuming there will be one per
sura.  We can then upload the tarball to sf.net for people to download
for proof reading and verification.

> 2. The encoding approach. I choose it because that is the easiest way
> so that I can implement the font which will work on most platform,
> that is MS Windows and Linux. For example, the fathatan + small low
> meem to indicate the sequential fathatan. Why small low meem? well,
> I've tried so many combination, and that turn's out to work the best.

Why not give the sequential fathatan, for instance, its own code point ?
Why opt for a GSUB entry for it ?  I'd much rather see separate code
points for the few missing characters that are required to render the
Quran - this would also allow the rendering of the Quran in applications
that don't depend on font technology.  I'm guessing you have half a
dozen or so characters to coup with, right ?


 - Nadim

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