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Re: Volunteers for verifying the quran data

Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya wrote:

me. Anyway, I'm curious, what are you trying to achieve with this
thing? Seems to me a very ambitious goal, which even I don't have. My

I forgot to mention: one of my goals in writing up `Patacode (btw the name is kind of a joke taken from 'Pataphysics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pataphysics) is to write it in such a way that any literate person can study it and learn the theory of encoding design, levels of representation, char/glyph, etc. I've always thought the explanatory text of the Unicode book is a little weak, so I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to improve it. I have lots of stuff to add to the theory and principles section of http://www.arabink.com/patacode, but if you want to add something - maybe about the relation of encoding to fonts and glyphs - you're more than welcome. ;) And of course, you're welcome to translate it into your language. (Malaysian?)