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Re: article

--- hamed <hamed_fcs at hotpop dot com> wrote:
> The attachment is my article in Tronix magazeen next month
> there is something about arabeyes
> so I send it here if I miss something important or made a mistake
> I'll be pleased if there any correction or advice

Hamed, good work -- a couple of quick comments,

 1. We don't use '3eyoon el-arab' and stick to simply using Arabeyes;
    I see that you included it between paranethsis so it is OK, but
    I thought I'd make mention of it.

 2. You note that the majority of contributors are non-arabs and that
    only a small fraction are - in reality it is the other way around
    (although if I were you I wouldn't even make it an issue and simply
    concentrate on the work at hand).

Lastly, do please use the UTF-8 encoding in all your corrspondances/docs
and _not_ CP-1256.  Do please send us a URL of the article when it is

Thanks and Salam.

 - Nadim

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