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Arabic language flag representation?

Hello all,

I sent a mail here about one month ago concerning the possible translation of our learning management system Claroline.
We received answers and now about 95% of the job for translating the software is now done thanks to the arabeyes community and also the great help from http://www.paramaja.com.

We really appreciated that help and in the name of our project, I want to thanks the arabeyes community for that (as soon as the release is done, I will send more info concerning this!)

We know have or more "cultural" problem to solve in which some people of this list might help us here :

Which flag (gif little image) could we use to represent the arabic language in the best way? We saw the following discussion in KDE which was critized by arabeyes : http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/doc/2002/May/msg00013.html

then if anyone of you has a good suggestion for us, don't hesitate to tell us.

Best regards,

Guillaume Lederer,
For the Claroline project.