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Re: Arabic language flag representation?

--- Lederer Guillaume <guillaume at claroline dot net> wrote:
> We know have or more "cultural" problem to solve in which some
> people of this list might help us here :
> Which flag (gif little image) could we use to represent the arabic 
> language in the best way? We saw the following discussion in KDE which 
> was critized by arabeyes : 
> http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/doc/2002/May/msg00013.html
> then if anyone of you has a good suggestion for us, don't hesitate to 
> tell us.

We've asked for this many many ties but unfortunately no one ever came
through (we simply don't have any artists that are willing to help it
seems).  In any regard, you can use the Arab League flag.  I've tried
to create one (as all the ones I found on the web we rather badly done);
not sure I succeeded in my endavour,


This is a mere suggestion another could to use the green background with
the word "Al-3arabiya" (ie. Arabic) written on it.  So unless someone
comes up with something better for us to see you can proceed with the
Arab League flag I guess.

Hope that helps.

 - Nadim

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