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Re: cleaning art.arabeyes.org

--- Riyad Preukschas <rpreukschas at web dot de> wrote:
> I don't know who is in charge of maintaining the arabeyes' arts page, 
> but I think a few things should be cleaned up.

Well, Ossama kinda is - he created the site and as such is the defacto
owner of it :-)

> 1. The upload folder should be cleaned at regular intervals and its 
> content should be moved into appropriate folders.

> 2. Clean up the logos folder! Does Arabeyes.org really need so many 
> logos? There should be at most three. Pick the ones that look best and 
> remove the other ones.

We wanted to retain all art work that's ever submitted.  What is
unfortunately lacking is the "comment" section on each picture does
not denote the owner of the art-work or the upload date (that ought
to change I hope soon).  The various art pieces that are not official
should note an appropriate string to make it clear that it was a mere
suggestion that was not adopted - rejected is a harsh word, maybe
"unapproved" would covey that info better next to status.

In short, each art piece/screenshot, etc should have the following
listed in its description (at least),

 + Owner/Creator
 + Date
 + Status (offical logo, unapproved, screenshot, etc ?)
 + Brief Description (ie. screenshot of QT-3 or Gnome-1.4 or ...)

> 3. Why isn't the svg arabeyes logo (the Arabic calligraphy) available 
> there. I only got it, because I got a mail with a link to its
> _CVS location_.

Yup, that needs to be there with an 'OFFICIAL' status :-)
> 4. I think there should also be albums for all the project's logos/icons 
> where you can get them in different sizes.
> It could for example have the following structure:
> - Logos
> 	- Arabeyes.org
> 		- <Arabeyes.org logos>
> 	- Projects
> 		- <project name>
> 			- <project's logo(s)>

I agree; that would make it cleaner/easier to navigate.

> isA the points above get solved.
> Thanks.

Thanks (as usual) for the suggestions.  Let's wait until Ossama gets
freed-up a bit from the recent frantic translation push.


 - Nadim

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