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Re: Various broken links

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <rahal at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> On Thursday 29 April 2004 10:10, Andrea Benazzo wrote:
> > Hi there!
> >
> > I was just looking on the site, while I had to face a lot of broken
> > (missing) links...such as the duali latest download...or a lot of
> > screenshots in almost every project which published one.
> >
> > Please check those links
> To all project maintainers: please check the links and put the
> screenshots on art.arabeyes.org (even those for which the link
> actually exists).
> Thanks Andrea for reporting :-)

I think we need to get a list of the broken links and/or list of
screenshots that don't point to art.arabeyes.org so that we can
take immediate action on 'em (or bug the appropriate people).

Andrea, could you be kind enough to point out that info.


 - Nadim

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