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Khotot project needs update

Nadim, please update the pages to reflect the last changes:

For the farsifonts:
There is a 0.4 release at

> The FarsiFonts project is sponsored by the High Council of Informatics
> of Iran (http://www.shci.ir/) and Sharif University of Technology
> (http://www.sharif.edu/). We wish to thank them for supporting standards
> and free software.

Sirs, I can't find any link from farsiweb.info or the other sites to the fonts 
download page!!

For the KacstArabicFonts
There is a 1.6.2 release at

Nadim, would you please update the khotot page project page and the 
sourceforge page to reflect this.

I have also made a source rpm

* Sat Jun 19 2004 Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> 1.2-1mdk
- Added Arabeyes GPL Fonts version 1.0
- Added farsifonts version 0.4 GPL fonts (covering Arabic and Farsi)
- Upgraded Kacst Arabic Fonts to 1.6.2
- Modified the spec file and rebuild the package

and I have uploaded it to ftp.linux-mandrake.com/incoming
Please, try to download and test.
I found a bug regarding missing presentation forms characters in 
KacstOneFixed.ttf and reported it to them. If it's fixed in time I will 
update it inshallah

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