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comments from a non-arabic gnome-user

hi everybody in the list. this is alberto, the spanish arabic student...

i've been hanging around the list for the last year and i must admit
i've learnt a lot about linux, debian, gnome, arabization..., etc. with
you. my most meaningful thank you.

but still i miss some things and i wonder if may be i'm still doing
something wrong. let me explain:

-i still can see many "broken ligatures" in gnome desktop, openoffice,
abiword... when for instance, adding a short vocal in a word. am i using
the wrong ttf fonts? is it a gnome problem? a pango problem? a debian
problem? a unicode problem?

-i use yudit almost everyday... it's simple wonderful! but i miss its
behaviour in other apps like openoffice. with yudit i can type arabic
with my spanish keyboard using mnemotecnic key combinations... it would
be great to be able to do the same directly on any gnome/kde app.  don't
know how... i don't know much about gnome-programming... but i guess it
can be something like an panel applet/daemon that, when activated, took
care of keystrokes and would be aware of translating them to arabic utf
symbols. at least, this feature could be added to one gnome app like

-wordlist ... simply GREAT... but i miss, as an arabic student, the
separation of words as verbs, nouns, masdars, imperatives, past,
present, active perfect and pasive perfect, etc... so that non arab
speakers could use the list to learn and as great arabic-english

i currently user yudit, mlterm and openoffice with arabic and i'm quite

no more things... thanks again for being there. my gnome (and therefore
my life) is better with you.

Alberto Corbi Bellot <alberto_corbi at terra dot es>