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Re: Arabbix splash screen (reworked)

Hi All,
Although I'm not in your working group, and please ignor my opinion if you feel so! I much appreciate revision to be mentioned at the SS, plus if there is a loading status bar it would save some unpatient people the confusion especially when booting from CD although it loads in quite fine time! As your 0.8 ver was bootable and maybe 1.0 as well ... yes?!
I don't know .. but isn't the background a little bit dark?! I believe it should be more bright/shiny! ...

Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
I was trying to get that logo in the SS but it has a deprecated
background in white and as it is Antialiased it's a pain to make the BG
in Blue...
But I'll try it anyway, still pls point me to the original logo or to
the maker of the logo...

I changed the alif madd to a normal alif and associated it with the "b"
still the official logo has an alif madd, so this is a little bit
confusing for me.
Any clarification?

got rid of the "1.0"

didn't get rid of the "taht isharaf..." as this will make the picture
unequilibrated (is this word right ?!!!).

Please keep the tips coming let us make a professional nice SS.


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