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Re: Arabbix splash screen (reworked)


ANY opinion is welcomed ;) So don't fear me saying no way or something
like that only because you are not in "our" group or something like

So we are now 2 against 2 me and you for a versioning and Osama, nadim
against it ;) Well let me see who will answer next...

A "loading" bar is a good idea, though the SS does not have to be too
much populated... But I'll take a look at how to integrate this.

I also was thinking about a shinier background as in Arabia ppl like it
shinier ;)  So when I was using the BG image it directly came to my mind
that shinier is better for Arabs, and darker better for euopeans. I'll
see what I can do in this regard.
But don't forget that too shiny is not professional.