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Re: Arabic Mandrake Cooker ?

Diego Iastrubni <iastrubn at actcom dot co dot il> writes:

> > gc say the only remaining problem was not the font size but the
> > fact that the arabic font overided the latin font which eg looks
> > qite weird for french.
> >
> > pablo, there's sg odd somewhere that needs to be fixed.

> do you mean the latin glyphs of that font are used instead of the
> default ones?

this is what guillaume tell me; there must be something odd somewhere
(maybe in fontconfig or in pango; i've no clue about it; we'd better
ask guillaume or pablo)

> how about someone deleting those glyphs from the font and you add
> this new crippled font to the install? would that be ok?

i guess so but as i focus on config tools and not on the installer, i
won't claim this statement is pure gold.