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Re: Arabic Mandrake Cooker ?

Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> writes:

> >  but since Arabic uses TTF files 
> >    he was told "NO" (TTF files are about 2 MB in size).
> Why! KacstArt.ttf is only 59.9KB KacstDecorative.ttf (recommended)
> is only 86.6 What about the hebrew fonts' size? What's the format
> (type1?) used? Why on earth we can't generate any format from a ttf
> file? My understand is if the issue is solved for hebrew, it should
> be fixed for Arabic - nothing different. Expect a clearance soon.


> >  + He notes, cooker already has RTL support,
> >     http://iglu.org.il/mdkhe/rc1/DrakX-Nahlieli.png
> >    and the arabic translations are already done, only fonts are missing.

gc say the only remaining problem was not the font size but the fact
that the arabic font overided the latin font which eg looks qite weird
for french.

pablo, there's sg odd somewhere that needs to be fixed.