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Arabic Mandrake Cooker ?

A couple of days ago on IRC Diego Iastrubni (aka cuco) suggested
something that was very interesting and something that we should
follow-up in earnest on regarding Mandrake's Cooker.

Diego noted the following,

 + He pressured mandrake for 2 months until mandrake fixed hebrew issues
 + He asked for Arabic support as well, but since Arabic uses TTF files
   he was told "NO" (TTF files are about 2 MB in size).
 + He notes, cooker already has RTL support,
   and the arabic translations are already done, only fonts are missing.
 + He suggests we mail and pressure mandrake (like he did) to get this
   issue resolved ASAP by,
   - Mailing 'pablo at mandrakesoft dot com'
   - Reporting a bug about this
   - Having lots of people vote for the bug
   - Have someone subscribe to the 'cooker' mailing-list
     to keep-up with this issue and to keep harping on it.

I tend to agree with Diego - we _must_ be more demanding of distro esp
when everything we require is technically done - the inclusion of fonts
_must_ happen and we must get up in a roar about this (and other similar
minor issues).

Mr. Munzir Taha, since you are the mandrake guru around here, could you
please do the above and tell us what to vote for and whom to spam ?  We
are more than willing to help out to get this issue resolved (as should
every person on this list).

BTW: Diego, thanks for the suggestion.

Munzir, how bout it ?


 - Nadim

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