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Re: prayer time po

--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> I looked at the wonderful screens of the prayer time app, and I was
> wondering why there isn't any po to translate, can you please point to
> it or make one?

I'm sure that will come once Ahmad.T/msx is done :-)

> Also for which region do these times stand for ? is there a prayer time
> server which shows the time for every region in the world?

You should be able to select your own region, etc.  If you are looking
for something on the command-line (while waiting for the GUI to be
completed) you can try the newly created 'prayertime' (soon to be
renamed to 'ipray' or 'iprayertime') from CVS


> And me as simple use living in germany how do I have to use it?
> I'm really interested in this app!

With the command-line you can simply set PT_DATA and run the
application - format being,

  setenv PT_DATA "Location_name latitude_num longitude_num UTC_num"

As an example you can do,

  setenv PT_DATA "Tijuana 32.7157 -117.1623 -8"

A man/doc for that application will be forthcoming (if I can only
catch my breath :-)

Hope that helps.


 - Nadim

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