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Hello Dan:

Dan Emanuele wrote:
Hello, Anmar,

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to direct this query to you, but here goes.

I have just attempted to make an Arabbix CD (0.8) for a friend of mine (I don't read Arabic myself) and discovered that the CD I burned won't perform the entire process.

hmm.. the CD we released (version 0.8) is fully bootable. It should load just fine.

The splash comes up (Version 1.0 !!!) and Linux loads. But at a certain point the boot log comes up and at the end of it is an error message concerning Morphix: "no job control" etcetera.

It sounds like the CD was not burned properly. Could you please do a md5checksum on the ISO file you download it and compare it with our own md5sum to make sure the image you downloaded is not corrupt.

The correct md5sum is: d87f2f56ccc30531ca5d6abf341485e4

If the md5sum is the same, then there is a bug in the start-up script, which is the first time I am hearing.

It would be helpful if you do the md5sum check and if the problem persists to email me the error you are getting (in its entirety if possible).

we are working on a maintenance release and I would like to know the outcome of your tests.

Since I expected to see version 0.8 and I seem to have got version 1.0, would you suggest I try a previous version or wait to see a new release?

You do have version 0.8 but the graphics all say version 1.0 :).



Best regards,


deman at ofena dot org