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Re: prayer time po

Al Salam Alaycom

You talk about Akem Salatak right (the gui program) ?

The program is STILL under development and there is many think I have to
do it in order to release version 0.1  (the CVS version of the program
right now can't even show you the right prayer time)

Arafat Medini wrote: > Salam all, > > I looked at the wonderful screens of the prayer time app, and I was > wondering why there isn't any po to translate, can you please point to > it or make one? > > Also, what about smoothing the corners and making the picture selectable > or removable, as in a working evironment a plain dailog is far better > even if we all love Mekka :) > And other wnat to put almasjid alaqsa! Or another mosque... > > Also for witch region do these times stand for ? is there a prayer time > server which shows the time for every region in the world? > > And me as simple use living in germany how do I have to use it? > I'm really interested in this app! > yours > Arafat > > _______________________________________________ > General mailing list > General at arabeyes dot org > http://lists.arabeyes.org/mailman/listinfo/general >

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