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Re: vi & gtk-2 questions

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003 18:58:19 +0200
Mohammed Sameer <uniball at gmx dot net> wrote:

> due to savannah being down, Try this.
> ftp://ftp.gnu.org/savannah/changsets/xmms2-changes.tar.gz
> I don't know if I'll continue the port or not. I can't do this alone.
> and i'll NOT CHANGE THE HOST to another location, Sorry for that ;-)

Could you please provide us with an actual STATUS of the port? This
would be a great move. Also, are you sure you are not duplicating
anyone elses work?

> Sorry, Don't get it, That's the CVS tree, You'll make no use of it.
> just wait till savannah is up, Or I can try and upload my own local
> copy somewhere. Still donno where though.

The irony of it all. I am still willing to host any code for you.

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