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Re: An Islamic point - about a game

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 11:35:20PM +0000, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:
> Salaam,
> In my passsing around Linux. I tried to play FreeCiv.
> It is a game in which you start as some historical character and try to build a
> civilization. (for those who don't know it).
> >From the historical characters that you can choose to play with, there are the
> Arab characaters: Muhammad, Umar, Haroun Al-rashid, and Salaheddin.
> I am sure that you will object to the inclusion of the first two characters in
> a game.
> Your comments, and do I need to file a bug report with freeciv?

Please let us keep those controversial unnecessary issues out of
Arabeyes lists.

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