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Re: An Islamic point - about a game

--- Muhammad Alkarouri <malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:
> In my passsing around Linux. I tried to play FreeCiv.
> It is a game in which you start as some historical character and try
> to build a civilization. (for those who don't know it).
> From the historical characters that you can choose to play with, there
> are the Arab characaters: Muhammad, Umar, Haroun Al-rashid, and Salaheddin.
> I am sure that you will object to the inclusion of the first two characters
> in a game.
> Your comments, and do I need to file a bug report with freeciv?

It would it be nice if they didn't include any realistic names period.
The first two names are very common in the arab world (and elsewhere),
but it would be best if they side-stepped the issue altogether and used
some names that were not "sensative" (I doubt they will change anything
though).  Back to work ;-)

Just my 0.02 Tahitian (or more properly "French Pacific") Francs


 - Nadim

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