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Re: Akka Open Issues & Todos

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003 20:02:47 +0000 (GMT)
Muhammad Alkarouri <malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:

Sorry for the delayed reply.

> 1). I am trying to reread it and get another stab at
> the code. 

Good luck :)

> I will be thankful if anyone can provide me with the
> farsi code, or any idea about the best way things
> should proceed. Elzubeir? Samy?

You can grab the latest copy of Farsi from Behdad (behdad.org). E-mail
him with a request and I'm sure he'll be happy to send you a copy.
Regarding which ways to proceed, our main reason for the rewrite was:

1) Change Akka's design (to a process group-based server rather than a

2) Drop redundant dependencies. There was never a real need for the
ORBIT, SWIG, etc... this brought on a lot of other dependencies for a
piece of software that is meant for small systems. A lot of these are
just repercussions of bad design.

3) Change to more organized code rather than the some-what messy Akka
source foundry (a lot of antiqued code)

4) Portability reasons

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