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Re: pgAdmin translation

Le Lundi 1 Décembre 2003 03:46, Ossama Khayat a écrit :
> The initial translation of the .po file downloaded
> from
> http://www.pgadmin.org/cvsroot/pgadmin3/src/ui/ar_SA/pgadmin3.po
> is ready. I'll mail it privately and review the file
> for completeness today Insha'Allah.

Dear Ossama.

Thank you very much for pgAdmin III translation update into Arabic. Your name 
was added to the translator list for Arabic.

This email is CCed to the previous translator Motaz Abuthiab 
(mailto:moty66 at yahoo dot com). Dear Motaz, do you agree to hand over the 
translation to Ossama? Maybe you can work together on further updates.

I am writing you a seperate e-mail about technical questions asked.

Best regards,