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Re: [doc] Dolphin, again !!

Before I comment, please double check with Youssf to coordinate which file to translate. 

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 3:48 AM, abed fa <abdilra7eem at yahoo dot com> wrote:
I am translating dolphin, and here is what I have finished already:
I'm still working on it, but there are a few problems, here are some:
1. no unified translation for "selection", it's sometimes "اختيار", "تحديد"، انتقاء", and even "ضبط" (I find انتقاء & اختيار much better than the rest!). Which one should I use?
This one is hard :). I used to translate it as "انتقاء" "انتق"  but I use it in the real real world I feel it is weird.  Then I try to change it to "اختيار" اختر" . It is far better than "انتق". And yes you can use "اختر"  for select and choose. Please see this:
2. what can I translate "Link Destination" to?

I'm not sure about the context. I think " اربط المقصد"  is good suggestion if the "Link" is verb otherwise "رابط المقصد"
3. What about "tooltip"?

4. Should I use "يجري تنفيذ" or "جاري تنفيذ" for the -ing form? or should I use "تنفيذ"? (I prefer the first!)

what about "ينفذ" for example " downloading" ---> "ينزل". Simple and less words.
5. "Successfully copied" >> "تم النسخ بنجاح" or "نُسِخَ بنجاح"?? (I prefer the first!)

The second is better. It is more  فصيح

This is the translation is for the last stable version, and I will use it as a translation memory for the next version.
Please leave both versions of "Dolphin" for me. I will translate them!
The final work should be ready by tomorrow.

As I said please talk you Youssef before pick a file. Right now we work in Summit(*)  which will take care about the stable and trunk branches in KDE svn.

(1) http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/l10n-support/ar/summit/messages/   

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