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Gnome translation status+schedule.


Getting on top of Gnome translation is very important to provide a full Arabic UI environment for GNU/Linux. During the last couple of months, Gnome translation made great progress, by translating up to 75% of all strings. Thanks to all contributors and translators who are/were involved. I have just recently applied to a Gnome CVS account, once I have it, I will commit all files (there are about 50 of them), and you will see nice stats soon :)

However, the work was huge, we are set to miss Gnome 2.16.0 deadline.
This is no huge loss,
providing that steady and continuous progress is being made. The Gnome
Translation Team is still inviting anyone and everyone who is able to
make a contribution. Just post in this list your desire to tackle jobs

Our Goal is to complete 2.16 ready for 2.16.3 by next February 2006.
As we make progress with translation, we may start embarking on new
sub projects which include:

-Arabic Gnome LiveCD: a demonstration of our work, shouldn't be hard
since Gnome have their LiveCD.
-Arabic Gnome Site: within the Gnome website.
-Translation Audit: at some point, to ensure QA of Arabic gnome,
verification of all terms should be done. This is scheduled when we
get on top of the work.

If you have any ideas/remarks please don't hesitate to chime in. This
info will soon be compiled in our soon-to-be-opened wiki, so stay
tuned :-)