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Re: How to synchronize files

--- محمد سعد <520026770069-0001 at t-online dot de> wrote:
> how to synchronise files i have translated and uploaded to arabeyes'
> cvs repository ? I mean how to synchronise withe the ones with KDE ?

Sorry for the late reply - but the project's maintainer is tasked with
doing that along with a heap of other things.  So if you think the files
have been sitting there for a long time and you believe they haven't been
sync'ed-up with the mothership, do please ping that project's maintainer
as noted on each of the projects' pages [1].

BTW: it would be nice to read (on the various sub-project's pages, etc
     or on the lists) the upcoming commit deadlines for the various
     active projects.  Meaning what is the next deadline for KDE, firefox,
     etc ?

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php

Salam and keep up the great work.

 - Nadim

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