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Is there anybody here?

Salamo alikom;

I'm so sorry to say " I'm really disappoint !!"  I send a message to this list before two weeks ago to inform  you  I had finished  translating my files and I attached that files. But my message blocked because it was more than 40Kb !! After that I send my files to Mr. Ossama to check it and to inform him I will start another files but also I have not got any response till now !!

Now I'm working in a big file 335Kb. I'm afraid my work will be duplicated because less communication with the coordinator.

Anyway You can find all my works in this file

Also, I want to inform you I'm working in file called " sc" .

My ToDo list for Arabian Linux:
1- finishing the  translation of OpenOffice 2.0 ....... Started
2- finishing the translation of KDE 3.5 ..... Pending
My blog :