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Re: Arabic IT/OSS news website

--- Youssef Chahibi <chahibi at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Thank you for your replies. Why doesn't arabeyes launch its
> own open source related news website ( news.arabeyes.org ). 
> Arabeyes is well-known, and an open-source related website
> can generate some revenue for Arabeyes by adding ads .

A number of us talked about this and I pushed for something
along these lines under the OpenArabia.org (OAO for short)
banner.  OAO was supposed to be a website about issues
related to open source - programs/code, projects, books, etc.

The problem was/is that we couldn't find anyone (let alone
a team) to bring it to reality.  We wanted to initially have
it pull RSS feeds from arabeyes and the various LUGs akin to
what www.linuxhomepage.com does and then to have it grow into
something more elaborate, we also wanted it to start doing
the ACE features, etc, etc, etc yet NOTHING happened.  As
with everything, commitment, effort and "fire-in-your-belly"
is needed to make things happen -- once it is setup, it could
very much be under cruise-control.  In any regard, search
for 'OAO' on arabeyes' site and mailing-lists and you'll see
how much this topic has been harped upon to no avail.


 - Nadim

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