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Re: arabic man pages again

On 7/9/05, Khaled Hosny <dr dot khaled dot hosny at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I'm interested in translating man pages,I was toled that I should
> convert them to po files first (for many reasons as you know)
> Mr adn (in the irc channel) advised me to use po4a for converting the
> man pages,but unfortunately  I have errors while trying to install it
> (I think it needs newer versions of pearl)
> so , can any one (other than me)  convert the man pages to po files
> and commit them to the cvs (where any one interested can get them and
> start translation)?
> --
> Khaled Hosny
It seems that no one interested in the issue of translating man pages
I may be able to help in any other project,so if any one need my
little help let me know and I'll tray to help as far as I can

Khaled Hosny