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new to doc team

Hi All,

My name is Isam Ishaq. I am new to the doc team. I like to give a brief 
introduction on myself.

I am using linux since 1992 at my jobs at ISPs and Universities. I have some 
translation background since I have translated openwebmail ( 
http://www.openwebmail.org/ ) into Arabic.

I am interested in helping translate fedora into Arabic. I have downloaded 
all the translate direct on the CVS. 

Is there a particular file in the fedora subdirectory that I should start 

Also, I still do not have a CVS account to upload the files, I hope to get 
one soon - actually maybe I have one and I do not know its password, since I 
applied for a CVS account more than a year ago but at that time there were 
some problems with the cvs and I never manged to login. Anyway, I need 
access to the CVS.

Best Regards,
Isam Ishaq