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Re: Where are the help files for openoffice.org?

Hello Munzir:

that is easy you are asking for. there are alot of questions 10 MB worht of text :) and zero percent of the online help have been translated. It is something you can start working on and get pther people interested.


Munzir Taha wrote:
On Tuesday 23 March 2004 08:05 pm, Anmar Oueja wrote:

Hello Munzir:

The help files for Openoffice will be there by end of this week. I am
extracting them and will have them in there soon. In the meantime, if
you are interested, you can start working on the po files for OOo GUI

Let me know if you want to do any so I can assign you some files to work on

Yes, I am interested but I can't do any thing before next week. The question is how many strings are there in the help files? Where can I find their statistics even before you import them?