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Re: new to doc team

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Salam Isam and welcome back :-)

On Saturday 27 March 2004 08:50, Isam Ishaq wrote:
> Hi All,
> My name is Isam Ishaq. I am new to the doc team. I like to give a brief
> introduction on myself.
> I am using linux since 1992 at my jobs at ISPs and Universities. I have
> some translation background since I have translated openwebmail (
> http://www.openwebmail.org/ ) into Arabic.
> I am interested in helping translate fedora into Arabic. I have downloaded
> all the translate direct on the CVS.
> Is there a particular file in the fedora subdirectory that I should start
> with?
> Also, I still do not have a CVS account to upload the files, I hope to get
> one soon - actually maybe I have one and I do not know its password, since
> I applied for a CVS account more than a year ago but at that time there
> were some problems with the cvs and I never manged to login. Anyway, I need
> access to the CVS.

Yes, you have already an account. Your username is 'ishaq'. If you forgot your 
password you can go to the website and get a new one emailed to you by 
putting the email address you used when you opened the account.

I don't think that you will have a CVS access with that account. But as soon 
as you'll have something to commit, let us know and we'll get that fixed.

You can start right away translating fedora/printconf.pot :-)

Like I say to all new translators (and less new ones :-) be sure to read 
thouroughly the Translator Guide:


Let me know if you have any questions,

Summary for Fedora:

Ossama   K.: anaconda.po/up2date.po
Muhammad K.: autorun.pot
Mojtaba  E.: firstboot.pot
Ahmad    K.: timezones.pot
Ahmad    T.: help-screens-C.pot
Nawfal   M.: hwbrowser.pot
Isam     I.: printconf.pot

PS: To all Fedora and Mandrake translators, I'll do tomorrow the usual weekly 
sync with Redhat and MandrakeLinux CVSs. So be sure to commit ASAP the files 
if you've done any translations and to update them as soon as the sync is 
done (please subscribe to the 'cvs' mailing list to see CVS commits 


> Best Regards,
> Isam
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> Isam Ishaq

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Youcef R. Rahal
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