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Re: Working on wordlist...

On Thursday 18 March 2004 00:38, Ossama Khayat wrote:

> Here's an example:
> يُعلم :: يُعلن عن :: يحيط علماً
> بـ :: راجع (Advertise)

I prefer the "msgstr" field to have translations as opposed to
"refer to so and so".

> Also, can we please remove the translated (transferred
> to golden files) and invalid words from the new_words
> files?

Just say which when. You want the A file moved?

> That's because when I try to update for multiple
> translations, sometimes I am not sure if I should do
> it on new_words or full_wordlist, so I don't want to
> switch from here to there just to check.
> Also, this would give us (me) a motivation so see
> there are 3000 words left, instead of 3500 ;)

I do multiple on both full & new. But you must have noticed
"new" mostly have one translation per word. As for number
of words going down, the script I run transfers the content
of new to full while leaving new intact. The number won't
go down:)
Ahmad Al-rasheedan (http://webhost.fasttelco.com/asr)