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gnome translation, and why someone would stop

Salam all,

I have some 200 strings left, still I am having the feeling that I am
going through hell. Those are not really strings, those are REAL
technical very very diffcult paragraphs.
So the work became from a pleasant funny way to kill some time and to
achieve something to real hard work, which is: boring, repetitive, very
hard, and time consuming.
Especially that I am working alone, and the hands are few.

I want to tell you the situation to make you understand how generally
the translators who worked previously on desktops have percieved the
situation. It's only my guess but I am sure they run into the same

For me having an "itch" which is to have 100% support in gnome 2.6 still
makes me do the work. But I think about all the others who abondoned the
And now I really do understand them.

having more ppl is for sure a solution but what if they encounter 10
paragraphs? And this in 4 pos? I am sure they will leave.

I'll tell you a secret: in gnome-panel the remaining 50 strings I have
are pragraphs with each at least 60 words... for ONE single po. 
Think about a newbie getting this po in has hand!!!

I'll complete my thoughts and mail when I'm done with gnome. BUT I'll go
to any country and kill the person who asks me after 2.6 in my well
deserved holidays to do any translation work ;)
In the meantime I want to encourage YOU to think with me about means to
ease translation.
I'll need them for 2.8 ...