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Re: CVS: translate/mandrake xmms.po

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On Friday 12 March 2004 18:59, ahmad khalifa wrote:

> >1/ Did you use KBabel to translate ? In any case, make sure you put the
> >correct info there (name, email, language list etc). Make sure you write
> >the
> >last translator name in the header if his/her names is not there already.
> >(general advice, don't use linux as a root user ;-)
> yes, KBabel... i forgot to edit the header....

You don't really need to edit the header if you configure KBabel correctly:

> >2/ Keep the original punctuation (see that CDDB msgid).
> i assume i forgot a period or something right..?

It was a ':' ;)

> >3/ These have not been decided by the QAC yet, bu meanwhile I prefer (at
> >least
> >in Mandrake) that you use the Shadda when needed and put foreign names in
> >Latin chars between brackets, beside the transliterated names.
> i tried to a few times...

Now you can do it systematically !

> >4/ _Try_ to translate _everything_. For example, you have to translate the
> >copyright notice too and not simply copy it as is. If there are strings
> > you can't or don't want to translate, simply leave them untranslated
> > (btw, I don't understand what you mean by 'i didnt do them all ofcourse'
> > in the CVS log... The file is 100% 'translated' :-).
> i meant i didnt translate all the 1093 strings...

That's logical.

> >So, your next mission, if you accept it, is translate/mandrake/drakfax.po
> ok..

Great ! Please, remember that there's a weekly sync tomorrow, so if you do 
anything please commit it right away.

> >PS: It's seems that the tool you used to translate (again, was it KBabel
> > ?) has uncommented a bunch of obsolete strings.. (those that are preceded
> > with '~'). I don't know why. They will be anyway made obsolete again with
> > the future sync, but I'd like to understand ;)
> it is KBabel, is there a setting i need to change..?

Hmm, then this is strange. I'll try to find out.

Salam and keep up the great work !

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Youcef R. Rahal
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