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Re: Wordlist Roadmap

--- Ahmad Al-rasheedan <asr at baldi dot cc> wrote:
> On Saturday 13 March 2004 12:42, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > How about a systematic way to do this.  How about everytime a NEW
> > words file is completed AND at least one golden file is completed
> > (with multi-translations) we release (since from what I gathered
> > Mr. Al-Rasheedan is on multi's and Mr. Khayat is on NEW) ?  I realize
> > we only care about the golden files, but we need to get from under
> > the NEW files' shadow.
> I was dual purpose until I finished new_Z and I am just on
> multi on the letter A. I guess the same applies for Osama.

So we should wait until _A and _Z multi's are done ?

> I am all for a new release when a letter file has multiple translations.
> Those releases should be in the 0.0x magnitude and not a major release.

Noted; makes sense (27 vs 800 ;-)

> I think new_files should be left alone and we should provide a translation
> to a _word_ in the new_files if found in dictd_log.

Ouch, that would mean those NEW files will stick around even longer.
I would much rather see them dealt with sooner rather than later in
some manner - a systematic bleeding should do the trick given Mr. Khayat 
concentrates on them.  But since you guys are doing all the work, whatever
you guys decide on is good with me.  Just come to a clear consensus and
broadcast it (via a blurb on the project page) and we'll proceed.


 - Nadim

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