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Re: How to commit the file?

--- Ahmad Tarek <ahmadtarek at link dot net> wrote:
> I asked before on how to contribute in translation... Youcef R. Rahal 
> asked me to translate drakwizard.po. I do some work (translate some and 
> correct some fuzzy words). But I can  post  into the cvs. I request an 
> account with arabeyes and I got it. I try to login into cvs servers but 
> it told me that this repository is not found.* *Can I use my account to 
> login in into cvs or what??

Your best bet is to join IRC and talk to someone there that can step you
through the process - its rather simple (do also re-read the CVS HOWTO doc).

 server  - irc.freenode.net
 channel - #arabeyes

If you are not familiar with IRC, download Xchat (www.xchat.org), start it
up and the rest is rather intuitive.


 - Nadim

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