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Re: Debian hierarchy

--- Christian Perrier <bubulle at kheops dot frmug dot org> wrote:
> Quoting Nadim Shaikli (shaikli at yahoo dot com):
> > Again in passing (as I'm not really involved, but I wrote a script to
> > deal with this issue), someone in Debian really needs to look into how
> > 'stage1' files are noted in debian's CVS (note the very deep hierarchy)
> > compared to the more correct flat 'stage2' and 'stage3'.  I've resorted
> > to renaming the files to remove that unnecessary hierarchy to better
> > fit our methodology.  Do please let the proper person/group know of this
> > oddity in 'stage1' for 'em to "fix" it :-)
> Hmmm, I'm afraid I need more explanations.
> "stage1" are in Debian main SVN repository, spread around different
> packages.
> So, commiting them back to the repository may be tricky.
> I have to see how files are in Araneyes repositories...

Sure, we can live without issue with the way Debian does it now as
we are using this script to convert from and back the way things
are in Debian's SVN,


but still it would be nice to rid that 'stage1' directory from the
hierarchy completely (akin to what is in stage2 and stage3 in debian's
SVN).  Our current CVS for stage1, look like this,


Just a thought - if its too much of a headache then ignore this.


 - Nadim

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