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Re: Small introductory message

Quoting Nadim Shaikli (shaikli at yahoo dot com):

> Cool - welcome aboard !!  One quick note in passing, could someone please
> post a URL to a image showing some Arabic strings with harakat in 'em
> (ie. with composing characters in them - fatha, damma, etc).  I've asked
> for this 3-4 times as it could be something that might require fixing.

IN Debian installer. Well I guess Ossama has to tell me where such
strings occur. INdeed, which package and possibly for which original
English. Then I'll try to shoot some screenshots.

> > Currently, I would like to have the translation work already done in
> > Arabeyes CVS pushed back in Debian repository so that we have a more
> > complete translation in the daily builds.
> Again in passing (as I'm not really involved, but I wrote a script to
> deal with this issue), someone in Debian really needs to look into how
> 'stage1' files are noted in debian's CVS (note the very deep hierarchy)
> compared to the more correct flat 'stage2' and 'stage3'.  I've resorted
> to renaming the files to remove that unnecessary hierarchy to better
> fit our methodology.  Do please let the proper person/group know of this
> oddity in 'stage1' for 'em to "fix" it :-)

Hmmm, I'm afraid I need more explanations.

"stage1" are in Debian main SVN repository, spread around different

So, commiting them back to the repository may be tricky.

I have to see how files are in Araneyes repositories...