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Re: KACST / Arabeyes Translation Projects

On Yaum al-Sabt 08 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 02:30 pm, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

I am resending this part again since I received no response and it's urgent.

> I would also recommend that you do not start with KDE. I need more time
> to set this up. The wordlist is a good place to start with, however, you
> are free to decide on which projects are a priority.
> Certainly not 
> Fedora though (as our status with them is currently unknown).

The problem is their first priority is Fedora, second is KDE. Actually Fedora 
is their main project and everything else follows. Now, what should I do? 
Elzubeir, please this work is paid as you know and hence there is no way to 
postpone it in any way. Today two days passed...

What's the problem if you allow us to contribute directly to KDE through 
your/Zawawi cvs account? You have mentioned before that you have other 

Please, reply.

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