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Re: Need for a Debian-l10n-bidi mailing list?

On Se shanbe 26 Khordad 1383 02:21, you wrote:
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Hello,
> <<snip>>
> > We have two options:
> >
> > -one single mailing list, named debian-l10n-bidi, where all people
> > working on i18n/l10n for BiDi languages could work together
> I think it is a great idea. I all for it but I have the following
> recommendations or ideas I would like to share:
> 1. Localization the strings for RTL languages are only part of the whole
> picture of truly localizing an interface. For example, progress bars
> should also be RTL, the ok and cancel should be switched around...etc
> .etc that means localizing an app is more than just translating the PO
> files. It is getting involved in the changes the UI should adopt to
> accommodate true RTL languages.

I don't think all of this as a must be. There is lots of more important things 
that should be done for RTL languages in linux, like a true support of RTL at 
the shell.
> Therefore, I suggest we have a debian-28n-bidi (l10n + i18n) mailing
> list that focus on localization and internationalization combined
> The list will help us discuss translation and UI changes that focus on
> bidi/RTL languages. For example we can discuss changes such ad:
> - translation of PO files of course
> - curses lib modifications to add language switching capabilities (not
> sure if curses takes care of that)
> - console fonts support (making sure there is a single font that all RTL
> languages can use. if not we can add the necessary glyphs)

This one is really important and may cause all the translations to be useless. 
I think we need an BiDi enabled ISO image from d-i  CD so we can see what is 
happening to our strings ( Just let us one week to translate some).
It would be also great if Steve could provide us a mini-HOWTO for  creating a 
simple application with BiDi-enabled Slang to check how it reacts in certain 
> - focus on info and man pages support for RTL languages

It would need shell support of RTL and BiDi

> - Discuss a set of recommendations all Text UI apps could follow to be
> more RTL languages friendly
> - discuss what is needed to further Steve's work.
> - provide support and advice to developers wishing to support RTL
> languages.
>  From my point of view, the ultimate goal is to make Debian as Arabic
> (RTL) friend of a distribution as possible.
> I think it would be great to get the BIDI and RTL people together on all
> fronts.
I agree with above suggestions! 
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> > Please keep the general CC when answering....unless someone
> > explicitely asks for being removed from it, of course.

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