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Re: Need for a debian-l10n-bidi mailing list?

Christian Perrier wrote:


We have two options:

-one single mailing list, named debian-l10n-bidi, where all people
working on i18n/l10n for BiDi languages could work together

I think it is a great idea. I all for it but I have the following recommendations or ideas I would like to share:

1. Localization the strings for RTL languages are only part of the whole picture of truly localizing an interface. For example, progress bars should also be RTL, the ok and cancel should be switched around...etc .etc that means localizing an app is more than just translating the PO files. It is getting involved in the changes the UI should adopt to accommodate true RTL languages.

Therefore, I suggest we have a debian-28n-bidi (l10n + i18n) mailing list that focus on localization and internationalization combined

The list will help us discuss translation and UI changes that focus on bidi/RTL languages. For example we can discuss changes such ad:

- translation of PO files of course
- curses lib modifications to add language switching capabilities (not sure if curses takes care of that)
- console fonts support (making sure there is a single font that all RTL languages can use. if not we can add the necessary glyphs)
- focus on info and man pages support for RTL languages
- Discuss a set of recommendations all Text UI apps could follow to be more RTL languages friendly
- discuss what is needed to further Steve's work.
- provide support and advice to developers wishing to support RTL languages.

From my point of view, the ultimate goal is to make Debian as Arabic (RTL) friend of a distribution as possible.

I think it would be great to get the BIDI and RTL people together on all fronts.

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